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Less thinking. More feeling.

Soothe your wounding at its source and embolden your authentic self with integrative, trauma-informed practices that blend cognitive, somatic and spiritual discovery

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Glimpse my evidence-based methods for gentle, restorative, trauma-informed healing:

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Somatic IFS

Taps your inner child and other internal parts to identify unmet needs, cultivate safety and liberate your authentic self


Leverages somatic practices for deeply embodied work that releases stuck emotion and carves new neural pathways

Relational Therapy

Encourages curiosity and compassion in excavating the life experiences and cultural systems that impact you 

Expressive Art

Engages the subconscious to articulate deeply embedded feelings and exercise intuition


Regulates your nervous system, supports mind-body-spirit cohesion and nurtures your relationship with yourself

Community Heailngs

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