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Leverage your intuition and spiritual nature to cleanse fearful thinking, soothe old wounds and live the Heaven on Earth you're designed for.



"Heidi's powerful insights and healings are so intense...

in a good way!"


- Tera

You're an Actual Miracle Machine.

But somewhere along the way, human conditioning and a lifetime of wounding started gumming up the works.

This can sometimes look like: 

  1. Fear 

  2. Fear

  3. Control and trust issues

  4. Compulsive behavior

  5. Spontaneous combustion at the thought of asking for help

  6. Depression

  7. Chronic health issues

  8. Fear

You read the books. You go to therapy. You journal like it's your job.  

But still something's missing. 
Because mental interventions can’t fix spiritual disconnect.

Let's Get Spiritual 

Plug into your spiritual nature and charge yourself for intuitive, fear-free living 

Bring energy healing to your workplace!

Contract me for sessions or choose from my mindfulness-based staff trainings and recovery workshops!

Power Tools

Browse my go-to methods for cranking up Divine Magic:

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Energy Healing

Pinpoints and clears the fear, shame, and grief that are clouding your experience of spiritual abundance

Expressive Art

Engages the subconscious to articulate deeply embedded feelings and exercise intuition

Inner Child Work

Taps your emotional past to heal unmet needs, establish a core sense of safety, and ignite creativity

Essential Oils

Work synergistically with the physical body, mental body, and emotional body to cleanse, balance, and amplify


Regulates your nervous system, supports mind-body-spirit cohesion and nurtures your relationship with your authentic self

Community Heailngs

Seeing is Believing 

Watch the work in action:


Let's Connect!

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Looking forward to making magic with you!


Heidi Liese Edsall

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