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Professional Services

Energy Healing Services

Add energy healing to your client services by

contracting me for Zoom or in-person healings

Workshops & Trainings

My background in social-emotional arts is at the heart of every workshop I create.

Each one leverages mindfulness and creativity to give your staff, your clients, and your co-workers the gifts of resiliency, connectedness, and inspired living.  

Inquire for pricing. All workshops are Zoom compatible. Formats may be adjusted to suit scheduling needs. 



(divided into two, 2-hour sessions)



Build-a-God: Discovering Your Unique Higher Power

Everyone gets a God by the end of this workshop! Break down old conditioning and inherited beliefs and engage your intuitive senses to identify the characteristics of your personal Higher Power and the language it uses to communicate with you. 

The Intuitive Workplace: Easy Practices that Inspire and Connect

Want to sneak some energy healing into your workday? Ignite creative thinking, promote clear communication, and foster harmonious connections with this fun, tools-based workshop that can turn any workplace into a playground for intution!



Caring for the Caregivers: Nurturing Self-Care with Mindfulness and Art

This grounding and restorative workshop is designed to pamper all those who serve others for a living and share self-care practices for replenishing vital energy, peace, and joy.







(can be modified for Zoom)

Inner Child Playdate: Nurturing the Wounded Self with Meditation and Drawing

The Radical Self-Expression Hour: Exploring Feelings with Meditation and Drawing

Reiki/Aromatherapy Meditations: Exercising Your Spiritual Nature

Cultivate a safe and joyful relationship with your emotional self through this art-centered  workshop that uses meditation, drawing, and journal prompts to nurture communication with your inner child. 

Feeling is a radical act! Access thoughts and emotions through a series of guided meditations and process them with intuitive drawing in this deeply grounding workshop.

Unplug from the world and plug into your spirit with these guided meditations that include therapeutic essential oils and a healing Reiki bath.

Have Questions?

Have a question? Want something more customized? Email below or setup a call!

Looking forward to making magic with you!
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