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I've been there 

I have walked (limped, crawled, clawed) my own journey from fear to faith and everything I share comes from the formula that works time and again for me: Practicing stillness, nurturing my inner child, receiving from Higher Power and my divine Intuition... Plus a whole lotta energy cleansing. And it's not all tears and daddy issues! This work is wonder-full and creative and gives way to spiritual empowerment beyond belief. I'm so excited for you to come home to your spiritual nature. 

XO, Heidi Liese


Heidi Liese Edsall is a certified social-emotional arts educator, Reiki Master Teacher, BodyTalk practitioner, Emotional Resolution practitioner and spiritual coach whose treatment model centers on the belief that living from your intuition and spiritual nature is the key to a rich, joyful, fear-free relationship with your human experience. Using energy cleansing, inner child work, expressive art, essential oils and mindfulness-based cognitive/behavioral practices, Heidi Liese helps you unleash your intuitive senses and tap into a Divine Source of your understanding so that you can be freed of the fear-based survival mechanisms and abandonment wounds that are hijacking your body, mind, and spirit. Above all, Heidi Liese’s work rejects the notion that you are responsible for fixing or managing your feelings. Love your fears, receive from your Source, and watch Heaven on Earth materialize for you!

Today Heidi Liese takes her message of intuition as healthcare and shares it with as many people as possible through her energy healing, workshops, and Power Hour collective healings. She has a book in progress and is pursuing her Master's degree in Clinical Psychology with a dream of integrating her methods into public health systems. Heidi Liese currently resides in Los Angeles with her furry gurus, Chicken and Azrael, and way too many plants.

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