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Why is Reiki the foundation of my work? 

Although I’m trained in three different energy healing modalities, Reiki is the one I can’t live without. Reiki is like a spiritual GPS that shows me exactly what to clear and amplify to bring you closer to your authentic self.

What is Reiki

An energy healing technique, founded in Japan, that raises the vibrational frequency of your energy field to support your body’s natural healing process.


Just like you have a physical mechanisms that clot your blood or flush a piece of dust from your eye, your emotional self is also a highly functioning system that processes grief, shame, anger, fear and more in order to keep you aligned with your natural state of spiritual joy.

And this work is not prescriptive! Our sessions are a conversation. I do not interpret information and draw my own conclusions about how to move forward. Your body, your perfect natural intelligence tells me exactly what it needs in order to cleanse and balance.

Who can benefit?


Energy healing is incredibly valuable if you are processing big emotion but it is equally as valuable on an average Tuesday. Just like there’s never a bad day for a massage, our spiritual bodies benefit from energy healing any ‘ole time.

What are the benefits to Reiki healing?


  • Relieve tension, pain and fatigue

  • Calm inflammation

  • Improve sleep

  • Boost immunity

  • Strengthen and balance major systems


  • Rebound from a major life change or loss

  • Support emotional healing and regulation

  • Rewire limiting beliefs and patterns

  • Soothe historical trauma

  • Nurture healthy boundaries


  • Release creative blocks

  • Amplify worthiness and inspiration

  • Heighten clarity and intuitive senses

  • Promote self-love, self-trust, self-respect

  • Cultivate connection to the Divine

Let's Chat

Want to experience this for yourself?


Buy a package and start the journey home to yourself! (Welcome email with booking link will be sent upon purchase. Packages never expire). 


I offer Zoom sessions or in-person in Los Angeles.

See something that speaks to you? Feel free to schedule a call with me!

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