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Life as a Human/Spirit Cybourg

There's a popular saying that you are a not a human being having a spiritual experience, you're a spiritual being having a human experience. I find this so validating because it acknowledges that you are, in actuality, living two distinct realities in any given moment. That's insane! It's no wonder you struggle! Maintaining equilibrium can feel impossible but it really is simple once you embrace this reality: You are God, you are Spirit, you are all of creation housed in an Earth Suit and everything else is just temporary human conditioning that can be shifted and changed.

This can be further complicated by the fact that your spiritual nature is both internal and external. That is to say that you are God.... but you're not all that God is. I think of it as a parent-child relationship. God/Source/Spirit (whatever name you give it is up to you) is Infinite Love and The Origin of All Creation and then you are a child of that, which means that, just like human children, you're a tiny little offshoot that carries kernels of God/Spirit/Source's magical DNA. So communication with God is simultaneously a communication with that enormous infinite power and a communication with yourself. Kinda like a baby monitor that's embedded in your own heart. Or a cosmic umbilical cord that's never severed.

The point is that there's a humility to all of this. Your Divine Intuition is a vehicle of God/Spirit/Source, with an immense capacity for unconditional love and creation, however you are only a piece of the whole pie, a grain of sand among other equally divine grains of sand. When you want to access God, all you need to do is quiet your humanness, tune into your divinity, and humbly make room for it to run the show. In a perfect world, everyone else around you is doing this, too, and before you know it we're all on a blissful cosmic cruise line living our best lives.

So you are very much human. And also God! How does this jive with your notion of the Divine?

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