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Why I Do This Work: A Note From Me to You

You might have noticed the world has gone mad.

And you might have noticed that this is giving you, and everyone around you, anxiety.

Here in the United States, 75% of the population reports feeling anxious, with concerns like safety, finances, health and relationships (so… everything?) topping the list of worries. Oh and, domestically, suicide is a leading cause of death in ages 10-34, death from addiction has tripled in the US over the last 2 decades and a full quarter of the worldwide population aged 20-39 worldwide is dying alcohol-related deaths.

As it happens, 75% of our nation also affiliates with a religion.

Something’s broken here. Whatever God we’re praying to these days isn’t working and we desperately need a different one.

We need you.

Now, if talking about God makes you itch and squirm and throw up in your mouth a little bit, I see you. Ohhhh boy, do I see you. I’ve ridden from Catholicism to atheism and stopped everywhere in between demanding an answer to help me make sense of the world. Evolving my relationship with God has not been pretty. But as someone on the other side of that discomfort with eyes wide open, it is my life’s work to make sure we have this conversation because, from where I stand, we can’t afford not to. Spiritual alignment has become life or death.

What I’ve come to experience is that the Divine is so much more than we give it credit for: It's a thread that runs through every one of us, uniting all living beings in a web of infinite love, infinite peace and infinite creativity. But the key to tapping this bliss lies in healing your relationship with your historical programming (your inner child) and rewiring its influence on your current experience. With this beautiful parent/ child infrastructure alive within you, you create space for the magic of your Divine Intuition to emerge and that, my sweets, is Heaven on Earth.

I do this work because I love humanity and I want to own my part in contributing to its happiness. I do this work because it’s the best way to keep my own Intuition on point. But mostly I do this work because I can’t not do it. Once you learn to dance with your divinity, it’s impossible not to share.

Wherever you’re at on your spiritual journey: Thank you for your curiosity. Thank you for seeking. A heart that’s open to healing is a powerful force for good and is inevitably bathed in support, so know that a new day is dawning for you from this moment forward. I pray that you get to witness the Love that you’re made of and send a thousand hugs to you (I’m a hugger!) as you walk to self-recovery.

Love and magic,

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