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The Importance of Intuitive Living

You know that voice in your head that gives you the perfect idea? That feeling you get when you know someone’s going to be important to you? (Or that feeling you get when they’re no longer important to you and you try to fake it and it feels really gross?)

That's not just any 'ole intuition. That's the whole cosmos talking to your and steering you in the right direction. When you listen to that voice, life is positively divine.


You’re also human sooo… Things can get a little wonky.

As a human being, you’ve adopted other voices in your head that drown out Divine Intuition. Critical voices that sound an awful lot like the people who raised you. Voices of your inner children, who’ll do anything not to be abandoned. Voices that tell you you’re unlovable and that you should be very, very scared: Scared of the unknown, scared of what people think of you, scared of intimacy and money and being alone.

It’s Hell on earth, amirite? Because the thing about Fear is that it can’t be felt in the same moment as Joy. Or Connection. Or Worthiness. When Fear comes around, it snuffs all the good stuff right out. So we gotta kick Fear’s ass. We gotta override it by living from Intuition.

Love and magic,

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