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Spirituality is Healthcare

I spent most of my life insisting that I didn’t need spirituality… Until the wheels came off my life physical and mental health and the only solution was spiritual development.

Maybe you’ve experienced some version of this in your own life? Spiritual stuff expressing emotionally and physically or physical and emotional stuff having a spiritual impact? That’s because we have three bodies: a physical body, a mental/emotional body and a spiritual body. If one goes down, the other two are close behind. Intuition is an essential bodily function just like breathing and sweating. Ignore it, and we get spiritually sick: Stagnation. Self-loathing. Control issues. Dependency. Express it, and we are restored to beautiful mind/body/spirit homeostasis: Joy. Prosperity. Creativity. Peace.

If you aren’t connecting to the Divine Intuition within you, you’re basically living 2/3rds of a life (And the most boring 2/3rds, let’s be honest. Without Intuition, life is a total snooze). So how to connect and get busy living your magic? Take 5 minutes to close your eyes and quiet your breathing. Imagine there’s a bead of warm light in your center that is warm, infinite, mind-bending Love. Feel it amplify and spread to every cell, infusing you with total peace, total joy. Soak in it and feel how it changes your breathing, your heart rate, your thoughts. High five! You’ve tapped your magic!

Just like with your physical and emotional bodies, consistent nurturing and self-care are important to keep your spiritual body functioning optimally. Make a daily exercise of this visualization to keep your spiritual nature flowing and note how it changes your day.

Love and magic,

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