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The Voices in Your Head

The voice of Intuition in your head—the loving voice that tells you that you deserve respect, the ingenious voice that gives you a great solution to a problem, the wise voice that reminds you to stash tissues in your purse in case there’s no toilet paper in the bar bathroom— that voice is the Divine Love alive within you and when you make friends with it and do what it says, it changes everything.

Your Intuition is pure love and pure creativity, and so it will always work on behalf of goodness. It literally cannot lead you wrong because it doesn’t know how! When you listen to your Intuition and follow its inspired guidance, you will always get a happy ending of intimacy, connection, joy, inspiration and enlightenment. The more you say yes to Intuition, the more it will strengthen. The more it strengthens, the more easily you will be able to act from the Divine within you. And the more you act from the Divine within you, the more you live a life of miracles!

And then there’s the other choice.

The voice of Wounding. Resistance. Avoidance. Mistrust. Tuning Intuition out and opting for what’s safe, what’s expected or whatever satisfies your emotional cravings. We are spiritual beings, so underdeveloped or suppressed Intuition will always lead to spiritual discomfort—anxiety, bitterness, lack of joy—and just as consistently exercising Intuition strengthens its benefits, not practicing Intuition amplifies the wounds, sending you spiraling into chronic fear, isolation, compulsive behavior and a lost sense of self.

If any of that resonates with you, you’re not alone. No one teaches us to listen to our Intuition; it’s a skill we all need help developing. But the good news is: You have everything you need to start building a relationship with your Intuition right now., in this moment. You are Magic! And exercising that is no different than exercising any other muscle or behavior.

Love and magic,

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