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You're a Self-Healing Superhero

Soooo heads-up: You’re a superhero.

An intuitive, spiritual, self-healing superhero.

I know it’s not invisibility or flying or commanding the tides with the flick of a wrist or whatever but - back me up, health nerds! - this is way more exciting, I SWEAR.

Your body is so much more than skin and bones. You have a heart that beats without you telling it to, lungs that breathe without your opinion, digestion and immunity and muscular structures and a cardiovascular system that all know exactly how to work together to walk you through this lifetime.

And it doesn’t end there! You have a brain that thinks 80,000 thoughts per day. You have a subconscious and a nervous system that has been cataloging your emotional experience since the womb. You have a spiritual body with unlimited (unlimited!) capacity for love and joy and creativity.

You have the power to duplicate and kill and regenerate cells. You have the power to interrupt and shift your emotional state. You have the power to rewire and rebuild and rewrite all the patterns in your body, mind, and spirit and this power is totally alive and kicking in you right now, it just needs permission to get to work.

Super. Hero.

So where to start? By acting from the voice of your Intuition. Intuitive living begins with the willingness to allow your super powers to express and it advances with consistent practice of mindfulness tools and inner work.

You know the story: Superhero discovers she’s a superhero but is skeptical. Superhero cautiously leans into superpowers. Superhero is clunky and awkward for a minute and breaks a couple pieces of heirloom furniture while she practices. Superhero finds her stride. Superhero kicks major ass.

If you’re hurting today and living at the effect of chronic discomfort and old emotional wounds, know that you are designed for this superhero journey. Your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies possess the most extraordinary divine intelligence and they know exactly how to restore you to the balance and joy that you crave. Place one hand over your heart and one over your center and give yourself the green light to raise hell. Then keep coming back to your tools and watch the magic happen.

Oh, and be careful around the good furniture.

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