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Embracing Willingness

My favorite way (and, I believe, the most important way) to begin any Intuition-driven healing journey is by taking a moment for Willingness.

Your Intuition is divine. It is mind-bogglingly adept at keeping you healthy and happy but it won’t make a move without your permission. It's the ultimate humble servant: A world-class expert on you, your hopes, your needs but it’ll never overstep its pay-grade. The Divine within you works for you and will always wait for you call the shots.

And by “call the shots” I mean, ask for help.

If your pulse just doubled at the mere mention of asking for help, I hear you. More than that, your Intuition hears you. Asking for help is hard for pretty much everyone but it‘s especially terrifying for those of us who lean heavily on perfectionism, control and self-sufficiency as survival skills and it feels straight-up dangerous for anyone who was rendered voiceless at a formative age.

Your Intuition knows this about you. It loves you infinitely and it doesn’t want to re-traumatize you so it doesn’t need a full “help me” to get started. It just needs a “help me”-infused gesture.

It just needs willingness.

Healing begins with a heart that’s willing to receive. It doesn’t have to be a heart that knows how to receive or is comfortable with receiving, it just needs to be one that’s willing. It just needs to be a heart that says I’m willing to not feel sick anymore, I’m willing to not feel angry anymore, I’m willing to not feel scared anymore, I’m willing to not feel small anymore. That beautiful humility is all it takes to send the divine Intuition of your body, mind, spirit—and the entire spiritual Universe!—into action on your behalf.

If you’re in a funk or a fog or a depression or a panic, a different reality can be yours. One shallow breath of willingness will throw all the doors and windows open. It can be a hesitant, questioning willingness. It can be an exhausted nod. It can be a willingness that doesn’t have words yet, just deep longing. Wherever you’re at and however it comes, your Intuition is ready when you are.

Might you be willing to embrace willingness today? Sit comfortably on the ground and feel the Earth holding you safe. Wrap your arms around yourself in a hug and breathe into this spiritual connection with yourself. Tell the Divine within you that you’re willing to heal. Thank your body, mind and spirit for loving you and partnering with you. Rinse and repeat as often as needed to stay in this place of receiving.

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