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A Word About Modern Medicine

I’m often asked where I stand on modern medicine and how I reconcile it against the energy work I promote, so let’s take a quick minute to set the record straight.

Modern medicine: Great idea. Definitely a supporter. Super glad that we have vaccinations and hospitals and surgery and that I don’t have to bite down on a bullet and get my leg amputated with a saw because of a simple infection.

Intuitive living and self-healing is not in competition with modern medicine. It’s not done to the exclusion of medication and therapy and other contemporary modalities. My work is founded on the belief that you are an active participant in your health, that you are the authority of your own body and experience and that the choices you make about your healing are between you and your Intuition. Furthermore, that a multitude of healing resources reside within you and that you are already equipped for physical, mental and emotional recovery. If you stay close to the needs of your inner child, employ my Intuition-building practices and determine that you would like outside help in order to access or support your mind/body/spirit balance, then more power to you; our work together has been a success. Anytime you are able to name your needs, take a stand for them, ask for help and follow through for yourself, that is a win for Intuitive living.

That said, I do preach about mindful consumption of outside resources. And I maintain that the foundation of thriving wellbeing is an intimate connection to your divine Intuition. I believe that every individual has a responsibility to be a conscious, vigilant steward of their mind, body and spirit health and that you create the best conditions for joy and peace when you live with intention and care. That means building awareness around how certain foods and ingredients affect your body; reading labels on over-the-counter medications or personal care products and identifying hormone disrupters that impact your mental health; checking in regularly with your inner child and proactively building boundaries around circumstances or environments or relationships that trigger you. When you live mindfully and care for yourself as if you are a gift to be cherished (um, PS: you are), your physical, mental and emotional bodies can’t help but align with happiness.

So: Modern medicine, good. Separation from Intuition, bad. Or maybe just “to be examined”, since I don’t believe in bad? You get the idea. Practice preventative self-care like yoga and acupuncture and whole food supplements. Use the holistic resources offered at your local parks and community clinics and libraries. There is so much available to us in this modern day and age'; Soak in the abundance of expertise and wisdom. And if you find you need a more clinical intervention, then, by all means: take the medicine, get the therapy, have the surgery if it’s in alignment with what you believe to be best for your healing.

You can be mindful and still be modern.

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