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Let's Grow

Want a peek at me and my methods? Drop in to my weekly Radical Receiving Hour collective Zoom healings for some expressive art, guided meditation and a mind-body-spirit tune-up!

Want to amplify creativity and reduce stress for your team? Whether it's a day retreat or a lunch hour, I offer meditations, intuition-building workshops and therapeutic arts programs that ground the nervous system so creative thinking can soar

Craving some togetherness? My workshops and bootcamps give you intensive energy healing around specific pain points, open up your intuitive senses and share lots of tools for facilitating your own healing– all led by me in a supportive small group! 

Looking to build resiliency and community in your classroom? My social-emotional arts workshops and programs combine art and mindfulness to promote self-regulation, identity development, and empathy

Want to shift the cognitive-behavioral impact of your wounding? 1-on-1 sessions give you deep, customized energy healing, inner child/attachment work, amplified intuition and tons of tools for a loving new relationship with yourself. 

Want to bring inner child work and spiritual development to your recovery program? My Build-a-God workshop helps individuals connect to their customized Higher Power and my Inner Child series cultivates self-love

Let's Chat

Have Questions? 

See something that speaks to you? Want me to create a program for your workplace or community?

Email below or schedule a call! 

Looking forward to making magic with you!
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